The Buckets stand out as exclusive jewellery and create romantic feelings

Ice Bucket plastic for 1 or 2 bottles

Ice Bucket for 1 or 2 bottles plastic
They host a maximum of two bottles, are elegant and slender for cosy, accurate, fine premises, where the classy cooling of the bottle is essential. They are available with illuminated base for refined atmosphere. They emerge for their transparency in both acrylic mansion and polycarbonate.

Wine cooler Champagne cooler Tokio Bucket made of plastic

Professional bottle cooler suitable for optimal use in all catering. Whether water, white wine, prosecco or champagne with these bottle coolers they can bring everything to the perfect cooling point. This elegant bottle cooler has a capacity for 1 bottle. Professional tip: to get fresh bottles in the shortest possible time, always mix water and ice cubes in equal parts.

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EUR 19,90 per Piece
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