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Plastik Cocktail glass Granity

Innovative, versatile in the food industry. So it is used abundantly in the manufacture of articles for everyday use.
Logo customization is available on request.

EUR 12,90
EUR 2,58 per Cups
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glasses with your logo, made of rigid plastic

If you are looking for a special promotional item, you will find a special product in our online shop: our personalized glasses! Since we offer you glasses in different designs, they are ideal as advertising material for numerous occasions.

In our online store Brandyourglass, for example, you can have the glass in different colors that can be printed in 1 or 2 colors and use it in the events you organize. Or you can use the high quality dishwasher safe glasses with your logo as an amazing gift at your trade show stand.
Especially if it is a food fair, deli or other fair with reference to certain drinks, the right glasses without a filling line are an excellent advertising medium.

But our glasses with their creative design are not only excellent as a gift: equip your restaurant, bar or café with personalized glass sets and delight your guests by offering them a glass that optimizes the serving temperature by keeping drinks cooler. Thank you to the insulating power of plastic. Of course, our glasses are also ideal as a personal gift: for a wedding, an important birthday or another anniversary.

Upload your design or other motif and make friends and family happy!


Metal Pourer Set of 12 pieces

Quality accessories Our high-quality rubber cork provides firm hold and perfect compression, which fits in every bottle.
No more annoying spillage thanks to precise dispenser, with opening for pressure equalization.

EUR 19,90
EUR 1,66 per Piece
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