The brilliant Airplane Trolley is a creative alternative to the classic service. Compact, complete and easy to handle.

Ideas that fly high.
New and real ideas to use the "Airplane Trolley". Born to fly, they are mentally landed and have found new evolutionary spaces, created opportunities and changed the habitat thanks to creative uses in the catering and design field. 
They attract attention in the commercial sector because they are versatile and are available in different models. Born to meet the needs of the global airline market, the "Airplane Trolleys" are manufactured by sophisticated machinery and made of quality materials. They represent an innovative solution in contexts where the distribution in motion is essential. Swiss product and Swiss quality for finishes, details, excellence of the materials used, ingenious system and braking and locking mechanisms. With a cocky or rigorous design, the "Airplane Trolleys Doimoflair" are ergonomic and easy to handle. They have considerable advantages in terms of logistics and are versatile both in the field of catering, and as a workstation. They are a brilliant solution of space-saving furniture in the home environment.

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